Water Hardness Testing Kit 2018

There are several kits out there to help you measure the type of water you have, especially to measure the water hardness, for example, chemical test kits help to determine the total hardness of the water. Most of the time they are easy to use and it comes with all the materials that you need to test your water hardness. There’s also different kinds of water hardness testing kit, some include many materials while other include less or just one material.

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The reason for this is that they work for different things, a full ranged water hardness testing kit will not only determine the hardness levels but also they detect Iron and pH levels that fit into a sensitivity category range for each.

Then there are the low range testing kits that usually comes with one material that determine the hardness level in a more limited sensitivity range but produces faster results. The same thing with the instant test kits, they can determine the Iron, pH, chlorine, nitrate, nitrite and hardness levels faster but with a limited sensitivity range.

They all do their job but with the different specifications you will have to choose which one is the one that works best for you, if you just want a simple test then an instant testing kit will be the best option for you while if you want a more in-depth results then the full range testing kits are the option to choose.

Water Hardness Testing Kit – Hard Water Test

The reason why the water presents hardness is due to the calcium and magnesium, water hardness it’s just the ions of these elements that find themselves in the water. The reason why it’s important to determine the water hardness and to control it’s to prevent scalping and clogging the water pipes.

For example, calcium on pools or spas can cause many issues to their owners, if the levels are low then it might lead to erosion and corrosion of metal equipment and plaster surfaces and if the levels are too high then it will scalp the pipes and filters. Usually when the calcium is present the water becomes dull and cloudy.

That’s why it’s important to make sure to get a hard water test, the presence of hardness in the water leads to many issues not just for a large amount of water but for our house or bathtubs as well. There are also two types of water hardness, temporary hardness, and permanent hardness, the temporary one can be reduced by adding lime to the water through a softening process while the permanent hardness can’t be removed.

Water Hardness Testing Kit – Do I have Hard Water or Soft Water?

The best way to find out if you have hard water or soft water is to pay attention while you make your chores around the house. If you have a bathtub with a lot of soap scum then that it’s an indicator of hard water, if you wash your clothes and they came up out looking dingy then that’s an indication of hard water and if you wash the dishes and they remain with spots and residues then that’s another indication of hard water. Thanks to the presence of hard water even the soap feel less effective, your hair health might take a toll and even your energy will be affected.

AquaChek® Total Hardness 25 Test Kit Strips Easy to use and maintain your swimming pool or spa Takes about 15-30 seconds to show results

Soft water it’s all the opposite, doing chores around the house will be easier because without the presence of hardness soap will lather better and clothes will come out looking cleaner, the same thing with the dishes. It also has perks when it comes to saving money since you will use less cleaning materials there before won’t have to buy them more often. The overall soft water looks cleaner and feels lighter.

One good example to see the difference between soft water and hard water is that when it rains, the water is soft but as soon as it touches the ground and gets mixed with the minerals present on it like chalk, magnesium, and calcium it becomes hard.

You can also tell by the flavor, soft water is very salty and it’s usually not good for drinking while hard water it’s better to drink because it contains all the essential minerals we need, giving us great health benefits.

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